Merchant & Mills Factory Dress : Shine Many Ways nani IRO cotton sateen
Hand Dyed Indigo Ombre Leggings

This outfit is so happy that Spring weather is finally here, so it can get out of my closet. So many of my favourite things happening right here.

The Factory Dress is another great pattern from Merchant & Mills. I’ve had great success working my way through their collection. The styling is loose and so comfortable. For the Camber Set & the Dress Shirt (you’ll see this dress soon!) I took the sides in a bit. For this dress I thought I’d see how it turned out without making that adjustment. I think my next version could easily have a few inches removed for a slimmer fit, but I am liking this looser fit.

The collar and neckline of the dress are cleverly sewn together and I love the look. Also these cuffed sleeves are so cute! Wearing this dress today makes me realize that I would like a few more in my wardrobe.

We have to talk about this Nani IRO cotton sateen. It’s dreamy!! I adore everything Nani IRO and most of her collection is released in double gauze cotton which is lovely but whenever she puts out other substrates like flannel or canvas I try to snap some up. This is the first cotton sateen that I’ve sewn with and it’s perfect. Just a slight sheen, great drape and wonderful to sew with. I have another piece of this Shine Many Ways print in the darker colourway that I’m trying to find the perfect pattern for.

The leggings were hand dyed and also handmade by me! I’m always so proud when I make clothes that are hand dyed and have some ideas for more pieces I want to dye this summer. I ombré dyed some bamboo jersey in our Indigo class last summer and then made them into leggings. They are like a piece of wearable art!

Dream outfit!!

Factory Dress with Indigo Ombre Leggings

Factory Dress with Indigo Ombre Leggings

Factory Dress with Indigo Ombre Leggings

Factory Dress with Indigo Ombre Leggings


  1. Dear Karyn,

    Congratulations for your clothes, espacially this dress which fits you perfectly.
    I intend to make the same dress in linen fabric (from merchants and mills) but the pattern and the fabric are very expensive, so I’d like to know which size to choose exactly. My french size is 36 (= 8 in UK) and I’m affraid this pattern is a bit large. As you’ve ever made it, can you tell me please if the 8 is large or not ?

    A prompt reply would be appreciated.

    1. Hi! I would say that generally the Merchant & Mills patterns fit loosely, as you can see. I have taken in the sides on a few of their patterns. I didn’t on this one, but I definitely could for my next version. If you’re worried about the fit, try making a muslin of the top to check for sure! Good luck, it’s a great pattern.

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