Quilt Sampler 2 Fabric

January is off to a fun & busy start! I’m taking all our new classes this month, so I’ll be busy doing my craft homework and learning new things – Intro to Cross Stitch, Leather Moccasins & Sewn Mittens!!

The Quilt Sampler 2 class started on Thursday, so I thought I’d start by posting my colour palette and fabric choices. I’ve decided to do shades of grey (no surprise), aqua and mustard. My inspiration photos are this and this. I really love the soft, silvery look of these photos and also the proportion of each colour. I’m going to try to keep referring to these images to see if I can achieve the same feeling with my quilt blocks.

I’m still using Pinterest like crazy, especially to keep a board with colour palette ideas for future projects. It is so perfect for organizing your inspirations. If you’re not using Pinterest yet and want an invite, just let me know.

Quilt Sampler 2 Fabric

Quilt Sampler 2 Fabric

9 Responses to “QUILT SAMPLER 2 FABRICS”

  • i am digging on pinterest as well. i could spend hours looking around and getting inspired!
    looking forward to seeing the quilt take shape.

  • Wow, you’re off to a crafty start to 2011!

    Please send a pinterest invite my way. Seems like a good way to catalogue all the pieces of inspiration (my favourites list is out of control under my current system).

  • I love that colour palette, Karyn! In fact, that’s how I’m trying to decorate my sitting room (it’s taking me too long this time around). Only I’ve thrown some salmon-pink in the mix:
    (and now I’m thinking that my yellow is too acid – should be more mustardy!)

  • Hello!
    I love your blog. I like it when people show things they are making doing and inspire others in turn. Please send a pinterest invite along to me.
    And keep up with the great work!

  • you inspired me.
    and i blogged about it: http://goodness.typepad.com/goodness/
    thank you for being awesome.

  • Oh yes, I love pinterest, I’ve only been using it for the past few months but my boards are expanding at a fast rate! Its such a great place to record inspirational images and record the source for future reference too. And I just pinned your photo of your beautiful fabric, beautiful colours :)

  • I always find something to further inspire my craftiness on your blog… and now a way to organize my inspirations? Pininterest sounds obsession -inducing… please send an invite my way? Thank you.

  • I find a lot of inspiration in your blog, especially your clothes making posts. Are you still sending invites to Pinterest – if so, could you send one my way too? thanks so much

  • Hi:)
    I love your blog:) your crafty list is such a great idea! Need to work on one of my own!
    I would love a pinterest invite too if possible please:)
    Thanks xx

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