Brunch in Hamilton

What a great weekend! We were invited to brunch in Hamilton at Jen & Kyle‘s place on Saturday. This was an extra special treat for me, as I work every Saturday, so it felt like a mini vacation to steal off with Andrew for the morning to visit with friends.

The first thing I spotted when we entered their home was their Presto Nine Patch Quilt. What a thrill! I never get to see where all the quilts go to live when they leave the shop. It made me so happy to see it laid out over their couch.

We had the most delicious brunch that included amazing blueberry pancakes, egg strata, sausages, chocolate granola, mimosas, chai tea (thanks celine & jin) and SMORES (thanks roz)!

I had to get back to the workroom for the afternoon (to make moccasins), so we didn’t have a chance to explore Hamilton. But I’m crossing my fingers that we might get invited back for a second visit.

Thanks so much for a fun and delicious morning, guys!

p.s. Happy Valentines Day, friends. A big hug to all of you!!

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

9 Responses to “BRUNCH IN HAMILTON”

  • Hey! That quilt looks familiar! Just beautiful- it’s fun for me to see these quilts outside of class, too, being lived with. Wonderful.

  • Yay Hamilton – my beloved hometown! I live in Toronto but I am about to move back to the Hammer. It is one of the best-kept secrets in Ontario — some areas are gritty, industrial, and yes, a little scary — but there’s also beautiful old neighbourhoods, lots of green space, and a blossoming arts scene. You should open another workroom on James St. North!

  • gorgeous photos & that looks DELISH!!!!!!!!

  • Karyn! Your photos are beautiful! Kyle and I are blown away! You guys are of course welcome back!! We’ll do it up on another non-teaching day so we can show you around town :)

    Kyle says he feels the pressure to come up with a new brunch menu now. Hehe.

  • karyn, you know when we (finally) move there i would be thrilled to show you around too. we are getting to know it more and more as we go back there most weekends for house hunting. having a designated guest room is a big priority for us, so you will always be welcome if you want to come for a proper little escape.

    and what a small world, i met jen & kyle at the trunk show after hearing danijela talk about them over the years, and it seems like all the workroom ladies are connected too. makes hamilton feel even closer to being home sweet home!

  • ♥ everything was delicious!
    thanks jen+kyle for everything. i have to come back soon!!

  • your photos from the brunch day are beautiful, karyn! mmm still thinking about that delicious brunch!
    hopefully you, Roz and Andrew can stay to tour hamilton next time! It is a lovely place!
    Thank you Jen & Kyle! I am interested to see what Kyle cooks up next time! (no pressure!)

  • Ladies, we’re already discussing different things to make for the next brunch. And new places to see in Hamilton!

    Jen, it was great to meet you! Kyle and I love that you guys are moving here!

  • jen, YAYYYYY lemme kno when the next date is!! :D hamilton bound day trip!!!

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