Fancy Tiger Sailor Top
Bare Nopal Gloom from the Leah Duncan ‘Morning Walk’ collection

Happy May 1st!! Today marks the start of Me Made May – a month to celebrate wearing handmade. Last year was my first year joining in and I enjoyed the opportunity to look at my closet with fresh eyes and share some handmade items that had missed getting documented along the way. I’ll be posting mostly on Instagram, but doing my best to keep up with regular posts here. With some planning, I’ll be photographing some pieces ahead of time, so that I can share the detailed photos here.

First up is my new Fancy Tiger Sailor Top! It’s been months since I made my first one and I’d been wanting to make a new one for a while. The new Leah Duncan ‘Morning Walk’ collection came in and I just fell in love with this dark teal floral print.

Again, I was able to sew it up in just one night. This time I made one change – once I sewed on the sleeves, I serged/trimmed all the extra seam allowance off. Then, once I had sewn the side seams, I also serged/trimmed those extra seam allowances off too. Because the seam allowance is so wide (5/8″) I found that it created some tightness along the curves of the sleeve area in my last version. Trimming all the extra seam allowances off made a noticeable difference. It would be best to do this after you know that the shirt fits if you haven’t made the pattern yet. Meaning you should get the neck yoke finished first before trimming away the side seams, especially.

I’ve got a pretty coral Liberty print washed and ready for cutting as my next Sailor Top.

I’ll be collecting all my Me Made May 2015 photos here, or follow along on Instagram!

We have the Sailor Top Pattern at the workroom and we also have a class, if you’d like to learn to make one with me!

Sailor Top : Morning Walk

Sailor Top : Morning Walk