Lisette for Simplicity : Portfolio Tunic (out of print) similar to the Lisette Cappuccino Dress
Chambray Union Dot

A favourite part of Me Made May is pulling out all the clothing that I’ve made in the last while that I never ended up posting here yet. With all the busy-ness of my days, so many garments just get put into my wardrobe rotation without getting shared with you here. I’d love to be better at that, hopefully this month of posts will act as a boot camp to get my blogging muscles in shape for the rest of the year.

This is my third version of this great pattern. I almost hate posting it when the pattern isn’t available anymore. My first two versions were in Liberty Claire Aude & Scilly Flora. I love this chambray version and you might recognize that I just posted another top in this same fabric.  It’s just too good.

Portfolio Tunic : Chambray Union Dot

Portfolio Tunic : Chambray Union Dot

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