Sorry for making you wait an extra day for this announcement, but I had one of ‘those’ days yesterday. The kind where it rains all day and your umbrella breaks when you’re carrying a few bags of groceries and walking the dog, so you both arrive home completely wet, knowing that you have to spend the rest of your day off trying to do bookkeeping but will hardly put a dent in it. Ah well, that day is now over and today I’m so happy to announce the two winners from my Uppercase Magazine contest. They are commenter #1 – Angelune and commenter #13 – Emily!!!!

One of my favourite things about doing contests is getting to hear YOU guys talk. It’s amazing! You should all have a collective blog or perhaps you should all just talk some more here. I seriously love all the things you guys are curious about. There seemed to be lots of gardening curiosity which I will certainly be talking about more and more as the weather gets warmer.

Here are a few more sneak peeks at the magazine. I’ve ordered more copies for the shop. We sold out very quickly over the weekend. If you’re interested in reserving a copy, just send me an email or leave a comment here.

Uppercase Magazine