Mannish Style – available at the workroom
Dress 12 : silk shibori dyed in logwood

Oh boy, was I ever excited last week when I remembered that I had this piece of silk from my Advanced Natural Dyeing class. This pattern from Mannish Style is exactly what I had hoped to find to make a dress from this shibori fabric that I dyed in logwood. I love the drapey folds.

This pattern was also very easy! There are just 2 pieces (front & back), with the front being cut on the bias to give it that nice drape. The neck and arms are finished with bias trim. The pattern was intended for a knit fabric which you can see would have even more drape. Because of that, the dress is a bit snug around the hips and I would adjust the pattern next time to be a bit looser.  I would also love to make this in a fun knit fabric.

This silk is my most favourite piece of fabric that I have dyed myself. The super dark, inky purple colour we got from this logwood bath is so amazing and so much deeper than any other colour I’ve done in the past. There is still some of this silk leftover and I want to try to use every bit of it. I’m trying to figure out what else I can make with it, perhaps a tank top or camisole?

Mannish Style : Dress 12

Mannish Style : Dress 12

Mannish Style : Dress 12

Mannish Style : Dress 12


  1. oh my, that is beyond gorgeous! and the photos are awesome! the dark purple is pretty impressive for a natural dye. you are reminding me that i need to have a backyard shibori session soon, while it’s still summer…

  2. that piece of silk is amazing! love the casual but stylish cut of the dress too – seems a match made in heaven with that fabric.

  3. That is beautiful! The fabric is gorgeous and the cut of the dress looks wonderful.

    I’ve been wanting to get Mannish Style since you posted about it the first time, but I don’t read japanese 🙁

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