Grainline Studio : Alder Shirtdress
nani IRO Double Gauze : Green Pierre Pocho

I haven’t done a lot of sewing this year.  My mind seems to be elsewhere these days, but I’m hoping that’s going to change soon. I think I just need to get some ducks in a row before I get back my sewing mojo. I can at least say that I’ve finally made an Alder shirtdress.

I made this just before my trip to London with Lizzy & Katherine. Officially, it was finished in London. Those buttons got sewn on in our Islington Flat. The trip was so quick, that I didn’t have time for a London photoshoot, so here we are again in my usual spot! (back stairs of the workroom)

I didn’t make any changes to this pattern and it fits really well. I love clothing with double gauze, especially in nani IRO.  I will say that making technical garments with double gauze is a bit of a challenge. It’s tricky to do things like tiny hems and collar stands to the level that I expect of myself, but nonetheless everything turned out pretty great. I will never stop making clothes with double gauze. It’s just important to remember the qualities and limitations of the material you’re working with. I am definitely planning to make my next version out of Liberty of London. I’m looking forward to re-sewing this pattern with that crisp tana lawn. Two modifications that I’ll be making with my next Alder will be adding some short sleeves (from the Grainline Archer Shirt) and adding a bit of length to the overall hem.  I found this version to be a bit short on the side seams to wear on it’s own. Probably 2-3 inches should do it.

I’ve had such great luck with Grainline Studio patterns. Now that the Tiny Pocket Tank is in print, it’s next on my hit list.

Grainline Studio Alder : nani IRO

Grainline Studio Alder : nani IRO

Grainline Studio Alder : nani IRO

Grainline Studio Alder : nani IRO


  1. Now that I have seen this pattern and how it drapes I think I may have reconsidered making another darling ranges and this in it’s place! I just bought some Liberty from the shop and it might be perfect for this.

    I’ll have to practice with something first, just in case it’s not the right fit for me! 🙂

  2. This combination of Alder and Nani Iro is just gorgeous! It’s interesting to note your comment about making “technical” garments with double gauze. I don’t feel like it’s just me then! Looking forward to your next Alder with sleeves and Liberty!

  3. It’s lovely, but yes, it’s so short! When I made mine I cut out the length of the biggest size as it looked very short on all who made it! I also struggle a little with things like hems and bias made of double gauze. It’s a bit like sewing marshmallow! Probably glue basting would make a big difference!

  4. Great choice of fabric, really love how this looks. I made a Zinnia in double gauze and had the same problem trying to get it neat! The placket and buttonholes were a struggle 🙂

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