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There have been many teen dramas in my life – Party of Five, Roswell, Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls and Felicity, to name a handful.

I tried really hard to resist watching Gossip Girl when it came out. I hardly have time to make that kind of a regular commitment to television anymore. But curiosity won out partway through the first season and now I’m hooked.

Last night I watched the season premiere for Season Two on my laptop. (I downloaded a copy since I missed the day that that it aired) I greedily enjoyed every minute of it and simultaneously scarfed down three freshly baked Pilsbury Cinnamon Buns. (If I’m confessing, then I might as well be completely honest).

If you don’t already watch, maybe you’ll be intrigued by the following:
1. bitchy rich girls (that you love to hate, but secretly love)
2. wicked fashion and styling (where can i find that cute green jacket?)
3. it’s shot on location in New York City (love love love)
4. it’s trashy and girly and completely fluffy
5. little ‘J’ (Jenny) is an aspiring fashion designer, so there is some minor crafty content

The best thing about this kind of guilty pleasure is the guilty gossip afterwards. Totally dissecting ‘who wore what’ and ‘kissed who’ and ‘what do you think will happen next week’. The problem is that I don’t know anyone else who watches it, or do I? I’m looking for at least one person out there who will admit to watching the show, so that we can indulge in some necessary gossip girl talk.

Did you see Blair’s white rick rack dress in the season premiere? I love this idea, maxing out on the rick rack. I see a future skirt/dress idea there for sure.

One last thing – headbands? I like the look, but I don’t think I can pull it off. Is anyone out there rocking the headband these days?


p.s. please don’t hold this against me.


  1. “xoxo”
    you’re too funny, karyn.
    i try to follow the show online and am horrible at it…i watched the last few episodes of gossip girl (season 1) in the reverse order.
    i used to wear headbands, back when my hair was long.

    and i loooove blair. her obsession with audrey hepburn is totally endearing because i love audrey too.
    i’m sure you’ve seen breakfast at tiffany’s?

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before, but I’ve been a long time lurker. I feel now is the time to speak up to let you know you are not alone in the Gossip Girl love, it is my secret pleasure too.. and it is so SO GOOD. xoxo

  3. YES!

    melissa – i love blair too. she’s actually really sweet and wears the best clothes. i also have an obsession with audrey hepburn and own many of her movies, including breakfast at tiffany’s. my all time favourite is ‘funny face’. have you seen it?

    janet – i LOVE that gossip girl lured you to comment. i feel a thousand times better now. do you have a favourite character?

  4. I too am a secret Gossip Girl fan. I like to save up a few episodes and watch a bunch at a time mini-marathon styles.
    I have also been an addict of Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek (got my first A+ in university for an essay I wrote on that one), Roswell and Felicity. There is also a love of early seasons of ‘The OC’. I once watched 27 episodes of it back to back over a very lazy and cold Easter break with my best friend Anna and a massive easter care package sent by a devoted mother.
    If you haven’t you should check out the ‘This American Life’ episode called ‘What I Learned From Television’.
    There is a delightful segment where Ira Glass talks of his love of ‘The OC’. He also sings along to the theme song.
    You’re not alone.

  5. I admit it, I’m hooked on Gossip Girl. I tried to resist but let’s face it my weakness for the trials and tribulations of pretty rich teenagers didn’t just start overnight. But this is just between you and me, right?

  6. When is it on, Karyn? I’m willing to “try it.” I was just moaning and groaning that I haven’t been hooked into a good serial drama series since Alias. I loved the new Bionic Woman, but then they had to go and have a writers’ strike… grrr…

  7. Headbands apparently are the new over-sized bag.

    What time and on what channel is Gossip Girls on? I’ve been addicted to Mad Men and Swingtown. Lots of period clothes. The affluent 60s and swinging 70s. If were up to confessing, then I’m guilty: I’ve missed the last two weeks, but I do watch The Hills. There, I said it.

  8. I do not own a TV, but I started downloading this and Mad Men (the character Joan has THE best dresses and curvy bod) about 2 weeks ago, and watch them on my computer while I knit.
    I watched season 1 episode 13 just before I left for work this morning!
    I think it is funny that you ae equally as addicted.
    I am so in love with/repulsed by Chuck Bass. Help me.

  9. okay – i hardly know what to do with so many commenters. i actually expected some deadpan silence and total embarrassment with this post. right now i’m hatching some way to have a gossip girls marathon night at the workroom.

    charlotte – what was the thesis of your paper on Dawson’s Creek, i’m intrigued!

    claire – i’m wondering if this teen fascination is something we will ever outgrow or will we still be hooked when we’re 60?

    johanna & nat – i have to figure out exactly when gossip girls is on and on what channel for you guys and get back to you. it’s surprisingly hard to figure out.

    jill – ha! mother chucker? i hate to admit he’s growing on me. i know nothing about Mad Men, but i’m going to get my hands on an episode and try it out. what the heck.

  10. Well… I live in Portugal so never heard of Gossip Girl… but now I want to download it!!

    I used to love Gilmore Girls though…

    And as for the headbands: I love them and wear them! 🙂

  11. Mad Men is GENIUS (and I’m using that term correctly here). You will hang on every word. There is/was/may never be anything like it. Fantastic!

  12. i haven’t done gossip girl and don’t think i will (that kind of show makes no sense to my brain).

    but i have become totally addicted to project runway through many motel nights on my current tour. what hooked me? leanne “leanimal” marshall is an etsy girl. she even looks like a portland crafty. now you know my television weakness…and what kind of lesbian i would be.

  13. I LOVE Gossip Girl. Like you, I had no intentions of watching it when it first came out, but then my (straight male) roommate got into it and I caught a few episodes. And then I was hooked. I even tried reading a few of the books, but they paled in comparison with the show. I just watched episode 1 of season 2 and I also noticed Blair’s rick rack dress. I definitely do not think of rick rack as Hampton’s party-appropriate , but Blair can pull off damn near anything.

    I second the Mad Men recommendation. It’s pretty good. Other current guilty pleasures: Weeds and The Riches. Frothy fun = love it.

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