I just wanted to say ‘have a good week’! We’re leaving this afternoon for Paris and we’ll be back next Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who has given me so many wonderful suggestions. I’m writing them all down in my Paris City Guide Moleskine. (I got this idea from Jeska) My camera is all charged up and I somehow managed to finish my very secure (hopefully from pickpockets) tote bag. I will have a billion photos to show you when we get back.

You might catch a tweet or two from me while we’re gone, but mostly I’m trying my best to be ‘unplugged’ for the week and eat as many macarons as I possibly can. Would anyone like to wager on just how many I can consume in 7 days?

I kinda don’t want to tell you, in case it’s all gone before I get back, but we’re expecting a shipment of Heather Ross’ Far Far Away collection this week. It’s made of that lovely double gauze cotton that is so nice to make clothing with. Yes, you can make a dress out of unicorns!

This sweet handbound notebook was given to me by Melodie using Kokka’s Eiffel Tower fabric. It’s so adorable, I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it, but I promised I would.

I can’t believe I’m actually going on vacation!