Simplicity 2215
Purple Drop Cloth by Jay McCarroll

I love this dress so much!

I have been holding onto a couple metres of Jay McCarroll’s Purple Drop Cloth fabric from his Habitat collection. I knew it would make a really special dress once I found the right pattern. I saw this Cynthia Rowley pattern online and when I couldn’t find it here in Toronto, Amanda picked up a copy for me and mailed it to me. It was very easy to follow and I love that I can also make a separate skirt or top using the same pattern. I’m keeping my eye out for a skirt fabric to use next. The pockets in the skirt are brilliant.

I wore this dress on our first day of classes at the Sewing Summit. We had a long break after lunch before our afternoon classes started, so Katherine, Amanda and I went to our room to hang out and relax. Of course, I noticed how lovely the light was in our room and promptly started moving furniture around to take photos of this dress, my new fabric, Amanda’s mini quilts, etc. If you ever wondered what the other side of my camera looks like, Amanda caught me in action here. I get pretty resourceful when taking photos. I stacked boxes of cookies to make a ‘tripod’ on our last day to get these group photos.

The prints from Habitat really seem to suit clothing. This drop cloth fabric is GENIUS. I made a skirt from the Grey Multi Coloured Polka Dot Habitat fabric a few months ago that I adore and I’m REALLY wishing I had more than a metre of the grey Birch fabric. What was I thinking?! Perhaps I can squeak out a tiny tank top from it.

Simplicity 2155

Simplicity 2155

Simplicity 2155

Simplicity 2215 by Cynthia Rowley

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