Hi, how are you???! I know things have been really quiet here, but generally that means that things are bustling with everything else in my life. The biggest thing keeping me busy has been preparing for the upcoming Holiday Trunk Show at the workroom. It’s Sunday December 7th, noon – 5pm, which happens to only be 10 days away!!! From now until the show, I’ll be posting about all the wonderful vendors you can expect to see at the show. It’s a really great mix of people and I’m so excited to have them all together.

In other crafty news, I finally finished my upholstered cube. What a super fun class that was. I had the hardest time deciding on fabric. I put it off until the very last second and finally decided to go with the Porch Ribbon fabric from Denyse Schmidt’s County Fair line. I love it. I just need to head over to Lee Valley to pick up some legs. I really love the idea of making and upholstering your own furniture. How I would love to re-upholster my couch. This may be way too ambitious for my own good though.

Nora and Kathryn made little presents for everyone in the class congratulating them on their finished cubes. I tried to hold off eating the sweet treat inside until I had actually finished my cube, but alas, my willpower is not that strong.

I always feel a bit sad when classes like that end. In a way you wish they could just go on forever. But then there’s always something new to learn…like UNDERWEAR, in January.